Self-grading quizzes with Flubaroo

I have always said that if used correctly, tech greatly enhances student learning. In my opinion, the next greatest benefit of technology for teachers is that it can make our lives more efficient! The number one excuse I often hear from teachers as to why they don’t use technology is the lack of time they have available to upskill. If we can flip this around and focus on how much time we will have as a result of tech allowing us to be more efficient, then it’s a win-win situation.

Within GAFE, many developers have created some great tools, or ‘add-ons’. One of my favourites is the Google Sheets add-on called Flubaroo. Using Google Forms, teachers can create quizzes where the answers are collated within a Google Spreadsheet. Within this spreadsheet, the user can add Flubaroo, which with a few simple steps, will grade all of the submissions, analyse the data, and automatically send the results back to the participants.

Check out the video below that will take you through the steps of using Flubaroo to create a self-grading quiz.