Make learning accessible anytime and anywhere with ScreenCastify

A big part of my teaching philosophy is that learning should be made accessible for our students anytime and anywhere. I believe that if we have something important to say as teachers, then this information should be made available so our students can watch it time and again, either at school or at home, and be able to watch it at their own pace. Luckily we have great tech tools that allow teachers to create videos. The most effective and easiest tool I have come across to do this is the Google Chrome extension ‘ScreenCastify’. ScreenCastify lets us easily record what is shown on our computer screen whilst annotating over the top.

How to get Screencastify

Go to the Chrome Web Store. Search for the extension ‘ScreenCastify’ and choose the extension that you see below.



When you choose the option ‘Add to Chrome’, the ScreenCastify extension will be added to the right of your URL bar (See below where I have highlighted in yellow).



You will then be asked to set up your microphone and camera access. Choose allow.

You will also be asked whether you want to store the recordings you make locally on your device or in your Google Drive. Generally I would suggest to store the recordings in your Google Drive – especially if using a Chromebook. Storing them in your Google Drive also means that you are not reliant on just one device and you can access the videos anytime you need them.





Once you have completed these steps, you are then ready to use ScreenCastify to record your videos. The team at ScreenCastify have made a useful video showing users how to use it:


Some tips:

  • The useful ‘toolbar’ only works when you choose to record a tab, rather than recording the desktop
  • You can choose to ’embed’ webcam. This will show you in the bottom right corner of your finished recording.
  • The paid version, which costs approx NZ$33, allows users to trim and crop their videos. The paid version also doesn’t show the Screencastify logo on your recordings.
  • ScreenCastify works really well when the user makes use of their Youtube account. It is really simple to upload straight to Youtube, which you can then use on your website or blog.