Wattpad – a great free resource for reading and writing


One of my students recently introduced me to the amazing free resource Wattpad. If you haven’t seen this resource before, Wattpad is a  free community for readers and writers. It uses many aspects that are common on social media today, such as being able to have followers, and to be able to ‘vote’ (similar to liking a post on Facebook). There are essentially two ways that users can use Wattpad. Writers can create and share stories, and readers can select from a range of genres and leave feedback on the stories.

My student who introduced me to Wattpad had this to say:

“I recently signed up to website called Wattpad. It’s a website where people can write fiction or nonfiction books and post them up for people to read or just simply to read other people’s writing. I recently posted up the first few chapters of my first book on Wattpad and people have already started to read and comment on my book, giving me tips and information on how I can improve my book and the way I write. What’s even better about this site is that everything is free. From the sign up, to the creation of your own book, to the reading of other people’s books. If you’re aspiring to be an author or you just want to read good books for free, Wattpad is a good place to start”

Amaris Wi

As a teacher, I am excited to be able to introduce Wattpad to the rest of my class. Below are the ways that I think it will enhance the learning in my literacy lessons:


For future creative writing pieces, I am going to have my students use Wattpad to create and share their stories. I believe that students put in greater effort when they are producing something that can be seen by a global audience – and Wattpad provides my students with an audience that is enthusiastic about reading and writing. Furthermore, others members are able to write feedback on the stories, giving tips and encouragement. The following picture shows a great piece of feedback on Amaris’ story that she was able to learn from:

Amaris Wattpad feedback


There are an amazing amount of stories on Wattpad that cover a range of genres. I intend on using Wattpad to allow my students to have a choice over what they read, as well as encouraging the students to write feedback on those stories. I believe that one of the keys to encouraging students to read is to ensure that they find something that they are interested in, and Wattpad gives students the ability to easily search and find something that they may like.

Final thoughts:

I’m amazed that I had not heard of Wattpad before, as there seems to be a huge amount of users on the site. It’s great for young aspiring writers, and I also believe it will be great for all students to enhance their reading and writing capabilities. Sign up at www.wattpad.com,  and if you are looking for a young aspiring writer to follow, search for Amaris – username AmaliaDrea.