Use technology to help you teach PE like a boss

Many teachers (especially at primary level) do not have the luxury of having a specialist PE teacher to take their class for PE. Below are my top three ways for how technology can help you run PE lessons like a boss!

1) Teaching Dance


Teaching dance can be a daunting task for a lot of teachers. However, if you have an internet connection and a screen you can use YouTube to show a range of Just Dance videos (the best ones are by the user AverageAsianDude). Essentially these videos are recordings of someone participating (to a high level) in the Just Dance games and recording the screen. Teachers can use these videos in the following ways:

  • As whole class dance lessons. Simply show the video on a projector and let the students practise and master the dance.
  • As a brain break – as above, give the students time to move and refresh by participating in one of the dance routines.
  • If you have access to a number of devices, create smaller groups and create a dance competition where the students can choose their own dance to perfect over a number of lessons before a dance-off with the other groups. This is a great way for students to work together.

Below is one of the YouTube clips to show an example of the videos:

2) Coaches Eye


Coaches Eye is a great app where students can record themselves performing a skill and then review the recording. A great way for teachers that aren’t hugely confident in teaching a range of PE skills is to find recordings of the skill being done correctly, and then show the skill via Coaches Eye. You can also create a side-by-side comparison between the student trying to do the skill and the video of the skill being done correctly. Ultimately, Coaches Eye means that it is not the teacher that needs to demonstrate a skill, and students can keep reviewing the demonstration (and view it in slow motion) time and time again. Coaches Eye also has a number of features such as the angle tool and timing tool, which opens up numerous possibilities to how it can be used, such as integrating PE into maths lessons. For more on Coaches Eye, view their website at

Coach's Eye 2

3) The PE Games App


As a teacher, it can be easy to fall into the trap of playing the same game for PE all of the time with your class, resulting in stale PE lessons. The PE Games App is a great tool that will keep your lessons fresh and exciting for your students. The app is a huge resource of games (with rules and instructions) that makes it easy for teachers to confidently try out new games in their lessons. For a video of the app in action, view the clip below:

The app was created by Jarrod Robinson (@mrrobbo), who is a guru at integrating technology into his PE lessons. For more ideas on how to incorporate technology into your lessons, view his website at