There’s a BitMoji for that! Using BitMoji to create digital stickers.


A couple of years ago, I wrote a blogpost on using Bitmoji’s as digital stickers, or DocStickers. The idea around this was to give students the same rewarding feeling that they got when getting stickers in their books as schoolwork became more digitised. Moreover, Bitmoji stickers also gave teachers the ability to give personalised stickers through their own avatars.  In our current situation with COVID-19 and the increased focus on distance learning, I thought I would reshare how to create DocStickers using BitMoji’s so students can still get that rewarding feeling that stickers provided.

Many people already use BitMoji’s with Social Media, but if you haven’t used Bitmoji before, it is an app or extension where you can create an avatar that looks like you. You are given a range of pictures with this avatar with various words and props etc. Some of these are perfect to use as stickers. Below is the process that I used:

  • In Chrome, download the Bitmoji Extension
  • Follow the instructions in the extension to create your avatar.
  • If you have sent work out already to your students using a platform such as Google Classroom, you will therefore have editing rights on the document. When you are ready to add a sticker, click on the Bitmoji extension and search for a Bitmoji that you would like to use as a DocSticker  (search terms such as ‘well done’ and ‘awesome’).
  • Drag the Bitmoji that you want onto the document. Resize the DocSticker as desired, then click on the DocSticker and choose ‘wrap text’. Move the DocSticker to the place on the doc that you want it.

There you have it, a digital and personal DocSticker that your students will love!

See the screen recording below to see this process in action.


You can also use the integration features with Google Docs and Google Keep with your DocStickers. To do this, use the BitMoji app and save the various Bitmoji’s that you think you would use in the future to Google Keep. Then when you are ready to put a sticker on a doc, choose ‘Keep’ from the toolbar on the right of your doc, and then simply choose the Bitmoji that you have previously saved.