The role of the Modern Learning Environment in Modern Learning Practice: #mlpchat review

Last week I hosted the inaugural #mlpchat on Twitter. I have started this chat so educators can share their ideas and hopefully learn something new about various aspects to do with Modern Learning Practice. It was great to see many educators join the chat, and hopefully this continues to grow in the coming weeks. Below are my ‘take-outs’ from the chat.

Topic: The role the environment plays in Modern Learning Practice.

Question 1: What is the difference between Modern Learning Environments and Modern Learning Practises?

There was a general consensus that MLE’s are the physical spaces that learning occurs in (this is not limited to just the classroom space), and MLP is the pedagogy involved. ‘Modern’ tended to mean ‘future-focused’, and the mindset of the teacher was crucial in terms of making their practice ‘modern’.


Question 2: Do you need a Modern Learning Environment to successfully implement Modern Learning Practises?

It was generally thought that MLE’s certainly help teachers to enable Modern Learning Practises to happen, but by no means is it essential. The most important thing was the vision of teachers to be ‘modern’, or future-focused.

Question 3: When designing your learning space, what things do you consider?

It was really interesting to see how many teachers thought to ask their students how they would like the space – it is after all the learning of the students that we are trying to enhance. Spaces for different learning styles and personalities was also an important factor.

Question 4: What is your favourite feature in your learning space and why?

It was evident that ‘spaces’ that allow students to collaborate, communicate and create were all favourite spaces within the various classrooms that teachers mentioned.

Question 5: If you could design a learning space exactly how you wanted, what would it look like?

Flexibility seemed to be a major ‘want’ for the ideal learning space. Flexibility for different learning areas, as well as the flexibility to change things around ranked high on  priorities for learning spaces.


Question 6: Is technology integral to Modern Learning Practises? There were some great answers to this question. Most agreed that technology goes hand-in-hand with Modern Learning Practice. However, this technology use should be ubiquitous. We should be at the stage where technology use is ‘normal’, and it should be incorporated into the learning seamlessly.

Thanks to all those who participated in the chat. Join us on the 4th of November for round two of #mlpchat on ‘The Role of GAFE in Modern Learning Practice‘. Questions below:

  1. How does GAFE allow you to enhance student learning in ways that you couldn’t do before?
  2. How does GAFE increase efficiency as a teacher?
  3. What is your favourite Google extension and why?
  4. What would you like to see added/introduced to GAFE?
  5. Do you think you/your school uses GAFE to its full potential? If not, what is holding you/your school back?