Ten Educators you need to follow

I am a huge fan of using Twitter as an Educator to expand my Professional Learning Network (PLN). There are so many great educators from around the world that are sharing their experiences, ideas, and resources so that all of our students can benefit. So if you are looking to expand your PLN and not sure where to start, I have compiled a list (in no particular order) of ten educators that you need to follow on Twitter!

1. Alice Keeler  

Alice Keeler shares amazing ideas and resources for teachers that want to enhance learning for their students (especially through the Google Suite for Education). I am constantly finding out new ideas and initiatives from Alice’s regular tweets. Go to her website at alicekeeler.com and start exploring!

2. Kasey Bell  

Kasey Bell is a Google Certified Trainer and Google Certified Innovator that shares some great resources for those using the Google Suite for Education. If you are looking at becoming Google Certified either as an Educator or Trainer, Kasey has some outstanding resources that will help you on your journey (as they did for me!). Check out her amazing resources at her site shakeuplearning.com.

3. Craig Kemp

Craig Kemp is an innovative and future-focused teacher from New Zealand who is currently based in Singapore. If you have never tried a Twitter chat, Craig hosts one of the best ones out there called #whatisschool. Twitter chats are a great way to connect with other educators to discuss various topics and share ideas. For more information about this chat as well as Craig’s great posts, check out his website at mrkempnz.com.

4. Eric Curts

I regularly see tweets from Eric where he shares innovative ways to use the various features in the Google Suite for Education. Be sure to check out his site at controlaltachieve.com and you will have loads of new ideas and resources that you will be excited to try with your students.

5. Jarrod Robinson

Jarrod is better known as The PE Geek and he is hugely influential amongst the online Physical Education community. He does amazing conferences around the world and it was one of his conferences many years ago that inspired me to become more involved in technology in education. Jarrod’s website thepegeek.com has some amazing resources and great podcasts. If you teach PE, Jarrod is the first person you should follow; and if you don’t teach PE you will still find some amazing ideas and concepts that you can incorporate into your teaching practice.

6. Vicki Davis

Vicki tweets and shares some amazing ideas and resources. Always future-focused and innovative, I have used many of her ideas from posts that can be found on her website coolcatteacher.com.

7. Sylvia Duckworth

Sylvia Duckworth is a passionate and innovative educator who produces some amazing sketchnotes. Her sketchnotes are a visually appealing way to share innovative ideas and I often share them with other educators when I am promoting similar theories (such as her great SAMR sketchnote below). Check out Sylvia’s sketchnotes and other amazing resources on her site sylviaduckworth.com


8. Mark Anderson

Mark is an expert on all this tech and teaching. If you are like me and are passionate about using technology to enhance learning, then you should be following Mark. Check out his website ictevangelist.com for some amazing resources and be sure to follow his inspiring tweets.

9. Christine Pinto

I have come across many teachers that think that their students are too young to effectively learn with platforms such as the Google Suite for Education. What I love about Christine’s tweets is that her ideas are aimed at enhancing the learning of very young learners using the Google Suite. Through pushing the hashtag #gafe4littles, she really has opened my eyes to what is possible for all students. Make sure you check out her great ideas on her site christinepinto.com.

10. Jennifer Williams

Jennifer regularly tweets and shares great ideas and initiatives in education.  Her thoughtful posts inspire change and she is doing great things with Calliope, where their mission is to bring focus to social good and global education through advocacy and advancement.


There are so many great educators on Twitter and my apologies to those that I have not mentioned in my list. Expanding my PLN on Twitter has had a huge impact on my own teaching practice – so if you are not on Twitter already take the leap and follow these ten inspirational educators