Settings to put in place when considering sending your Chromebooks home with students.

With the current concerns around COVID-19 and schools considering their options around distance learning, it is worth looking at how to effectively send school-owned Chromebooks home with students. Naturally, this can be a worry for schools in regards to making sure their assets are safe and tracked. Luckily, when Chromebooks are managed in the admin console, there are some settings schools can put in place to do this as safely as possible.

Disabled device return instructions.

In Device Settings, make sure you have a detailed message in the Disabled device return instructions section. This should include the name and address of your school and a contact number. Therefore, if a device is misplaced, the admin can disable the device, the device locks, and this message will be displayed on the screen. 


Tracking who you have allocated the device to.

When considering sending your Chromebooks home with students, it is also important to have a system in place so you can easily see who you have allocated each device to. In Device Management, click on devices and find the device, ideally by the Asset ID that you have given the Chromebook. If you haven’t previously given the device an Asset ID, then you will have to use the serial number (in the below picture, this is the identifier starting with NXH).  Click the serial number, and then click on the notes section, and you can write which student you have allocated that device to. This can easily be removed when the decision is made to not send the devices home with students.



Add Sign-in settings to the Chromebooks

Many schools would already have these settings in place, but if not, schools should consider disabling guest mode and restricting sign-in to users of their school domain.  This way, students are forced to use their school accounts on the Chromebook and therefore, all user settings will be in place 100% of the time, no matter what network the Chromebook connects to. For school admins, it is worth checking through the user settings to ensure settings such as Safe Search are enforced.


With many schools looking at their options when planning for potential school closures, it is hoped that the above settings might eliminate some concerns around sending school-owned devices home with students. Device settings do require devices to be managed with Chrome Education Licences, and we are fortunate enough in New Zealand that these are free to all State and State Integrated schools. If you do not have your Chromebooks enrolled with Chrome Education Licences, feel free to get in touch so we can sort this for you. Over and above this, if you would like to talk through options in regards to your planning for our current situation, please reach out as we are more than happy to help.


Sam Gibson

Head of Education

Noel Leeming Commercial