The role of GAFE in modern learning practice: #mlpchat review

Thanks for those that joined last weeks #mlpchat on the role of Google Apps for Education in modern learning practice. I hope that everyone learnt something that they could take away and use in their classroom to enhance student learning or teacher efficiency. Below are a few take-outs from the questions that I asked.

Question 1: How does GAFE allow you to enhance student learning in ways that you couldn’t do before?

Most of us generally agreed that the collaborative features in GAFE is a huge game changer in education. Features like sharing and commenting on docs has enabled us to enhance learning in ways that weren’t possible before.


Question 2: How does GAFE increase efficiency as a teacher? As well as enhancing student learning, GAFE can increase efficiency for teachers. There were some great ideas shared on how GAFE can make our lives as teachers just that little bit easier.

Question 3: What is your favourite Google extension and why? Developers are constantly adding extensions that can be used with GAFE. It was great to see some of the ideas of how various teachers are using these extensions.

Question 4: What would you like to see added/introduced to GAFE?

Hopefully Google are reading and we could possibly see some of these options in the future….

Question 5:  Do you think you/your school uses GAFE to its full potential? If not, what is holding you/your school back?

A lot of us agreed that there was still a lot to learn within GAFE, and I suspect that this learning will be on-going as Google keeps adding to what is already an impressive range of learning tools. Time and professional development were high on the list for things holding teachers back from learning more on their GAFE journey.

Thanks again for all those that participated in the chat. I came away with new ideas and a range of things I wanted to try. A special thanks to those that were participating in their first ever Twitter chat! I look forward to seeing you all again for the next #mlpchat on the 18th of November: The role of Learner Agency in Modern Learning Practice. See the questions below:

Question 1: What does learner agency mean to you?

Question 2: Is learner agency integral to modern learning practice? Why/Why not?

Question 3: In what ways do you encourage learner agency in your classroom?

Question 4: Why do you think some students struggle to ‘own’ their learning?

Question 5: How does learner agency prepare students for the future?