How could Periscope be used in education?

There has been a lot written about the app Periscope and how this could be the next big social media trend. As a teacher, naturally I have begun to think about possible ways that Periscope could be used in the classroom. For those of you that are not sure of what Periscope is, click this link for a useful overview via Before trying anything as a teacher, it is important to be aware of the possible issues that might be caused by using Periscope, and has written the article ‘Is Periscope appropriate for Education?‘. All things considered, I think that if used appropriately, Periscope could be a useful tool for both students and teachers. Previously I had been slightly apprehensive about using Twitter in the classroom, but after giving it a go and using it to tweet out reminders, links etc and having students use it for exit tickets, tweeting out links to their published work, and contacting experts, I now see the benefits of using such a tool. Periscope could be a natural progression for teachers and classrooms using Twitter already. Below are some ways that I will be looking at using the application Periscope:

In the classroom

1) As a way to show real world evidence for inquiry projects – Recently my class has been doing an inquiry into how our school contributes to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. One of my students wanted to know how many bits of plastic the caretaker had to pick up each day. With Periscope, this student could have created a live stream of the rubbish around the school, and used any feedback posted as opinions to write about within the inquiry. This is one example, and I am sure that there would be many ways in which to use Periscope in similar ways for student inquires/projects.

2) As a way to stream presentations/speeches that students make – In this day and age, a major focus of mine in to make students think: ‘how can I make my work accessible to a wider audience?’. By doing this we are making the work more meaningful, and making students realise they can make a difference to more of an audience than just those that are in the class. By streaming out speeches and presentations, students have a much more global audience, and also have the chance to see feedback from more than just their teacher. Parents/family members etc also have the option of watching the live stream.

3) Gaining feedback/information from a wider audience – For inquiries/projects, students could use Periscope as a way to host discussions and gain feedback/information/ideas/opinions from a wider audience. The student could pose an idea with their initial thoughts, and see what is written back to them from those watching the stream.

Outside of the classroom

4) School camps/trips – Students could make a live stream of camps/trips they go on outside of the classroom. Parents and family members would have a chance to see what the students are doing whilst away.

5) Sporting/Cultural events – Periscope could be a great way to stream sporting or cultural events for people who could not make the live event. Friends and family overseas could have the chance to view the event. This would be a great task for students who could not participate in the event for any reason – ie. injuries etc.

As a Professional Development Tool for Teachers

6) Classroom Observations – Generally classroom observations are done by one set of eyes – if the observation was streamed via Periscope, that teachers PLN then has the ability to add feedback to the observation. The replay function also gives teacher the ability to ask others within their own school to watch the stream and give feedback. At my current school, we have professional development groups of approximately 5 teachers. As we are generally all teaching at the same time, this would be a great way of sharing what we are doing with our entire group and gaining feedback from more that just the one person who was there.

Moving forward:

At this point in time I have not used Periscope, and these are just ideas on how I think Periscope could be used in the class. I would be interested in hearing from others that might have some ideas or that have used Periscope already within there classes.