Daily Student Learning Plans to help students own their learning


Recently I have written a lot about students taking ownership of their learning. We are trying to set up and environment that is as learner-driven as possible, where students are able to choose their timetables, and ultimately, direct their own learning. In such an environment, it is difficult for the teacher to write an achievement objective on the board and say “this is what we are focusing on for this block”, as each student is generally working on something different that is suited to their own individual needs. We have therefore come up with a system where students start the day by filling out their Daily Student Learning Plan. We have created a Google form that the students fill out, and we also ask them to click the option of having a ‘copy of their response’ sent to their email address. This way both the teacher and the student have a copy of the Daily Student Learning Plan.

See the picture below for a snippet of our form (the questions repeat for each of our three blocks).

Dalily learning plan pic


By having students create their own Daily Student Learning Plan, we are hoping that it keeps them focused on their own learning objectives for each block. Hopefully, by giving students the opportunity to think about, and document, what success will look like for themselves in each block, they will be motivated to achieve that success.