Use technology to help you teach PE like a boss

Many teachers (especially at primary level) do not have the luxury of having a specialist PE teacher to take their class for PE. Below are my top three ways for how technology can help you run PE lessons like a boss! 1) Teaching Dance Teaching dance can be a daunting task for a lot of…

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Using Twitter in the classroom

As a teacher, Twitter is hands-down the best tool I have used to further my professional development. Having a PLN of like-minded professional sharing resources and ideas has improved my teaching immensely. After seeing the benefits of Twitter for my own development, I decided at the beginning of this school year that I would use…

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Motivational Posters with QR Codes

In my class, I really try to push the concept of Growth Mindset. Earlier in the year I created some posters of famous people with some motivational quotes to put up around the room. To do this, I used Google Slides. I knew that the students were likely to ask who the various people in the posters…

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