App smashing using Aurasma and Explain Everything

As part of my endeavor to create a classroom environment that encourages self-directed learning, I have created posters that are brought to life using the app Aurasma. Aurasma is an augmented reality app, where the user hovers over a trigger image (in this case my poster), at which stage the content appears. In my example, my content is an instructional video on how to solve 2 step equations. I created this content on the app Explain Everything, which is essentially an interactive whiteboard where you can record what you are doing on your Ipad and annotate over the top.

Below is a poster that I created. Try it yourself with the free app Aurasma (and follow the directions that are on the image)

A few problems that I ran into to ensure the Aura works were:

1) The user needs to make sure that they are logged into an Aurasma account.

2) The user needs to follow my Aura's (hence why I have included on the poster to search for and follow Tomorrows Learners on Aurasma).

Final thoughts:

Both Aurasma and Explain Everything are great apps that have many uses in the classroom. Explain Everything is a great tool for those looking at flipping their classrooms or creating resources that students can continually refer to when they need help. Aurasma could have many uses in classrooms and schools. Think school newsletters, year books, student presentations and classroom posters to name a few.

I would love to hear ideas from other educators about ways that you are using these two apps or similar apps, so feel free to comment and share!