Transforming Learning through Technology

I have been teaching since 2006, and have been lucky enough to have worked with great educators from around the world. By creating 'Tomorrow's Learners', I aim to help schools and teachers use technology to enhance the learning of every student. I am a Google Certified Educator, Google for Education Certified Trainer and Google for Education Certified Innovator. I have comprehensive expertise and experience in integrating IT into my own classrooms and it is this expertise and experience that I would like to share with other educators around the world.

Sam has been incredibly helpful with the creation of my digital 'Musicians Hub' courses. He has a wealth of knowledge and is very encouraging and supportive. He was constantly finding was to enhance my students learning through G Suite for Education.

Teresa Hoskins

As a new teacher in NZ and not knowing a lot regarding technology, Sam helped me with just about everything from understanding how a computer works to how to use technology in the classroom. I now create my own assignments using Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, Sites, Sheets, Edpuzzle, Kahoots and many more. We had sessions booked in weekly and from the start Sam helped me to not only understand the power of technology in the classroom but also how to use it in day to day classroom activities. I would not have been able to cope in a digital school without the help and expertise of Sam.

Francois Herbst

Sam has been a techno lifesaver...I would not have started blogging or using a website if it wasn't for him. He has saved hours of planning, and allowed me to develop my teaching for the better. He has the patience of a saint and his brief but concise videos and blog posts are so valuable. I owe him a lot!

Kelly Ross

Working with Sam has opened up a host of possibilities to use in my classroom. His ideas have helped me to provide stimulating and challenging opportunities for my students in class. Sam helped me to think outside the box and challenge myself.

Simon Mees

Sam has been a fantastic mentor teaching me about all things 'Google'. He has ignited an interest in me that I didn't even know I had! Through regular meetings, he has helped me to see a new way of delivering my classes in a more engaging and efficient way. I am now confident in using G Suite for Education to the point where I can be creative and innovative in the different ways I use them. I have even hosted a PD session of my own! Thank you Sam, you have been great!

Kim Swettenham